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Forward Ever Recordings – David Boomah – Wish Upon A Star Feat. Rowpieces

Here we have a helluva collaboration between amazing singer/songwriter, Birmingham-born David Boomah (V Recordings) and; the legendary, German Liquid Drum & Bass artist/producer Rowpieces (co-f…

Source: Forward Ever Recordings – David Boomah – Wish Upon A Star Feat. Rowpieces


About theinkpunk

I am autodidact (self-taught) eversince I knew how to read and research. I have a deep passion for literature; music such as Drum & Bass/Jungle and other good-sounding alternative genres out there. I am one who prefers to communicate through writing and literature and, as a writer; I do not limit myself via categorisation of the various genres and styles instead, my expression is liberal, unorthodox (Punk), and sometimes revolutionary to simply put it. Usually, whatever comes to mind I just scribble down. The Ink Punk blog is a project that will give my works exposure in my literary career, whilst acting as a kind of online resume as a contributor and/or freelancer on other publications I work(ed) with. And, all that I've worked on throughout the years; what's yet to come from the depths of my history as a researcher or; myperceptions, ideas, and my objectivist philosophies; all in one setting. Philosophically and creatively, I describe my work as the 'Art of the Pen' whilst, it can be also viewed by others as the 'Anarchy of the Pen', both are what make me (and other like me) the Ink Punk because, that is how I rebel against or; stand for whatever...

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